Our Story

We started the Tampa Bay Bitcoin/Blockchain meetups in 2014 and over the last couple years we developed a core group of individuals who strongly believed in the fundamental aspects of the technology and the philosophical premise that created and perpetuated it. We thought that eventually it would catch on… however, none of us expected the market to explode like it did in 2017.

With the massive surge of interest, we were scrambling (along with the whole ecosystem) to catch up to demand. Our meetup attendance went from 10 meeting at a bar & grill to over 100 people, which created a lot of challenges on hosting that many people in a public place without charging for it. We eventually decided to build our own space, where we don’t have to rely on coordinating with another host or dealing with crazy weather conditions. 


Introducing BlockSpaces, a blockchain technology community education and development center.

We understand the blockchain ecosystem and how confusing & intimidating it can be for people wanting to get into the space. That’s why we decided to create a friendly, approachable place with a low friction learning environment. BlockSpaces is an information, education, development hub to facilitate a variety of interests as it relates to the blockchain industry. Our goal is to foster a collaborative community that will further drive education & innovation of this exciting new technology here in the Tampa Bay area and beyond.

Join us in this exciting journey in a rapidly evolving emerging space that is changing the world!

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