Providing privacy-preserving ways of proving identity and authenticity to people, businesses, and the Internet of Things around the world.

    BlockSpaces is one of 21 founding node operators for, supporting their global network for blockchain-based decentralized identity.

    As identity becomes more complex, making use of digital identity has become crucial in order to effectively scale businesses in the era of digital transformation by offering data protection and safeguarding sensitive information. When using digital IDs, organizations are able to increase levels of trust by validating and onboarding their vendors, partners, customers and employees. Blockchain enables secure management and storage of digital identities by providing inoperable, unified, tamper-proof infrastructure which provides key benefits to enterprises.
  provides development and hosting services for decentralized identity. Enterprise, consumer, and mobile applications run on Indicio’s network and use its comprehensive ecosystem of software to issue, verify, and exchange verifiable digital credentials.

    Supporting this network allows for the viability and use case applications of how blockchain solutions are leveraged in business applications and provides customers access to a distributed identity network through the BlockSpaces platform.

    Benefits of digital identity:

    • Improving security
    • Enhancing privacy
    • Minimizing cost and regulations
    • High levels of accuracy
    • Enhancing efficiency 

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