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Announcing BlockSpaces Node Insights

Announcing BlockSpaces Node Insights

BlockSpaces is excited to announce the release of its very own, customized user dashboard:

BlockSpaces Node Insights v0.1.0. In a commitment to providing an exceptional user experience for blockchain node management,

we have worked hard on ensuring that our user dashboard brings the most accurate, real-time data directly to your fingertips.

The launching of our Node Insights Dashboard marks the 3 year anniversary of when BlockSpaces first opened our doors on March 3st, 2018. We have grown as the whole space has grown, from a blockchain community hub in central Florida, to a national go-to blockchain solutions source.

As BlockSpaces continues to develop new software products and tools, we anticipate utilizing this dashboard platform will provide users with a streamlined blockchain diagnostics interface. We plan on adding features for node runners in the near future. Our goal is to guarantee a comfortable experience for leveraging blockchain technology into your stack, tailored precisely to your needs.

The dashboard consolidates relevant backend information about nodes, and displays it right on your screen, creating a simple, visual representation of events going on in the network. All you need to do is log into your account, and everything ranging from node ID, account balance, recent blocks, and more, is available right there at your fingertips anytime. This friendly user interface will save time on inquiries while boosting user awareness within the node management ecosystem

How to login to the dashboard.

Simply go to and login with your credentials. You can reset the password if you forgot. It’s recommended you bookmark this and use a password manager for future access.

Please wait for the dashboard to populate all your aggregate node information. It may take a minute or so, depending on how many nodes you have.

What info does the dashboard provide?

1.  Total amount of nodes
2.  Total POKT Rewards Earned
3.  Total Rewards earned in the last 24hrs
4.  Total Rewards earned in the last week
5.  Total time in Jail throughout the history of the node
6.  Number of times jailed in the last 24 hrs
7.  Average Rewards earned per node (Total earned in 24hrs / # of nodes)
8.  Number of nodes you can stake with your current POKT Rewards
9.  Amount of POKT needed till you hit the staking threshold
10.  Graph: Shows Total POKT Staked & Total Rewards earned
11.  Price: The price of POKT is set at the current rate on OTC. When there is an exchange rate of POKT, we will update accordingly
12.  Order Nodes button takes you to our node menu where you can order new nodes

You’ll notice we have other tabs in the sidebar, those are disabled still, but will be adding those soon as well. Again, thank you for bearing with us as we’re fleshing out all the details and taking in feedback. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please contact, we’d love to hear from you.


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