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Innovation Expert, Michelle Royal, Joins Blockspaces Board of Advisors

Innovation Expert, Michelle Royal, Joins Blockspaces Board of Advisors


TAMPA, Fla., October 13, 2020 -- Michelle Royal, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at RIDG (Royal Innovation Design Group), has joined the BlockSpaces Board of Advisors as the company continues to combine their core blockchain technology capabilities with innovative enterprise software expertise ahead of the rollout of their core iPaaS, BlockSpaces Connect.

“Michelle brings an extremely rare and unique blend of business acumen and emerging technology expertise that is critical for our team to incorporate into the design of our platform,” said Shores. “Additionally, for the last five years, Michelle has served as a consultant for an exclusive community of blockchain experts in support of implementing this emergent tech, and we look forward to continuing to leverage their collective expertise across policy, infrastructure and development of new business ideas.”
Royal is a 20 year innovation expert using proven methods to create breakthroughs in strategic business growth. Focused on enterprise level digital transformations, Royal has helped her clients prioritize and implement innovation portfolios that enhance market leadership, define new pathways for growth, and enhance the client facing experience of the company services. Using the RIDG Business Innovation and Leadership Design (pronounced BI+LD) program, Royal aligns the executive strategy to maximize impact and profit with their organizations’ latent and unproven ideas. This work has often led to six-to eight-figure returns on client growth, all using principles applied through the RIDG unique methods. 
“Blockspaces is a leader in the application of enterprise level blockchain solutions, across industries, technologies and applications”, said Royal. “Most importantly for global and enterprise companies and their mid-market partners, Blockspaces’ expert knowledge was formed and mastered within the earliest groups of coders, developers and users from 10 years ago. They are like a skilled surgeon, advancing the cutting edge and relevant medicine of this technology. Blockpaces can target with laser precision the application of blockchain to innovate security, identity and real time data applications, while working within legacy systems, and I am delighted to be a part of their growth.”

Royal joins Gregory Pierce (CCG Analytics;DXC Technology;Concerto Cloud/Tribridge) who serves as Chairman of the Board and James Olson (AgileThought) The additions also complement the leadership and business model changes the company made earlier this year , which are being led by Chuck Dyer, BlockSpaces COO, formerly with DXC Technologies, and Chris Tyler, the company’s CTO, from IBM, who joined founders Rosa Shores and Gabe Higgins in late 2019.

About BlockSpaces

Founded in 2017, BlockSpaces is an end-to-end tech company that connects blockchains to existing business applications through a seamless, easy API based platform, BlockSpaces Connect. Dedicated to accelerating enterprise blockchain adoption, the company combines advisory, technical functionality, and industry focused support through their core PaaS to provide business value to an ecosystem of client innovators. The company works out of the Downtown Tampa Innovation Hub, Embarc Collective. For more information, visit
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