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James Olson Joins BlockSpaces Board of Advisors

James Olson Joins BlockSpaces Board of Advisors

TAMPA, Fla., September 16, 2020 -- James Olson, former Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development for AgileThought, has joined the BlockSpaces Board of Advisors as the company continues to combine their core blockchain technology capabilities with innovative enterprise software expertise.

"We are thrilled to have James as part of our growing advisory board,” said Rosa Shores, BlockSpaces, cofounder/CEO.  “We look forward to leveraging his breadth of in-depth knowledge and insights of enterprise product design and B2B rollout strategies as we go to market with our blockchain integration PaaS, BlockSpaces Connect. We have had a great partnership with AgileThought since mid-2019, so having James officially on board is a big win for our team.”

Olson brings over 20 years of Big Four management consulting experience in designing and delivering customer experience strategies and operational transformation for clients in the financial services, retail, automotive, hospitality, government, and pharmaceutical sectors. Additionally, as Managing Director at Autometrics, Inc., he led the launch of the firm's marketing and sales analytics platform in the United States. “To achieve the desired business outcomes from investment in blockchain, large enterprise companies rely on building their network with multiple business partners and vendors,” said Olson. “Working with BlockSpaces to bridge this gap and accelerate the integration with mid-market companies is truly a unique opportunity.”

The addition complements the company's recent appointment of Gregory Pierce as Chairman of the Board who brings decades of enterprise software experience to the organization as current EVP Cloud at CCG Analytics; Former Chief Cloud Officer DXC Technology; and Co-founder and Chief Cloud Officer of Concerto Cloud Services, an affiliate of Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrator Tribridge, which was acquired by DXC Technology in 2017. The additions also complement the leadership and business model changes made recently, which are being led by Chuck Dyer, BlockSpaces COO, formerly with DXC Technologies, and Chris Tyler, the company’s CTO, from IBM, who joined founders Rosa Shores and Gabe Higgins earlier this year.

About BlockSpaces

Founded in 2017, BlockSpaces is an end-to-end tech company that connects blockchains to existing business applications through a seamless, easy API based platform, BlockSpaces Connect. Dedicated to accelerating enterprise blockchain adoption, the company combines advisory, technical functionality, and industry focused support through their core PaaS to provide business value to an ecosystem of client innovators. The company works out of the Downtown Tampa Innovation Hub, Embarc Collective. For more information, visit
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