BlockSpaces is proudly co-located inside Embarc Collective in downtown Tampa, Florida.

This 32,000 square foot innovation facility provides both desk space and private office options inside of our dedicated blockchain hub, as well as full access to the open collaboration areas and weekly content-driven sessions of Embarc Collective.

We know blockchain startups need specialized supportive resources and technical know-how to build viable, product focused businesses. Our startups receive additional 1:1 support from BlockSpaces’ staff, access to our ecosystem of experts and corporate industry leaders, and blockchain focused specialty programming to meet their needs.

In the fast moving world of emerging technology, our startups and product partners thrive utilizing four core ideas critical to our innovation ecosystem.

Shared Discovery and Learning.

Rather than wholly relying on traditional “expert centered” lecture formats, our entrepreneurs work together through collaborative learning techniques, so timely industry specific information is shared across our innovation community.

Functional Connections.

The blockchain space is unique and challenging. Our startups form meaningful, functional, and necessary connections that are forged around common goals and accomplishments. These connections help decrease the sense of personal isolation in the entrepreneurial journey.

Connections to other related Learning and Life Experiences.

Our entrepreneurs draw on a wide range of personal and professional life experiences and activities. No matter what an individual’s background may be, there is a need for their insight in this nascent industry and in our broader innovator ecosystem.

Inclusive Learning Environment.

Diverse backgrounds and experiences are welcome in our community of collective innovators. We encourage entrepreneurs to reach out and connect with others from backgrounds different from their own. We thrive and grow together when each person’s unique abilities are celebrated.

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BlockSpaces is dedicated to accelerating enterprise blockchain adoption. Combining advisory, technical functionality, and industry focused support with our core platform, BlockSpaces Connect™, we provide business value to an ecosystem of client innovators.

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