ClearVoterTM is a non-partisan, hyper-local, political social network that gives users relevant and immediate information enabling voters to be more informed, engaged, and effective in actioning public policy issues that affect their communities. 

By utilizing geo-location to connect voters with each other and with issue-focused groups, we enable constituents to discuss relevant political events and legislation and mobilize around legislative issues instead of political parties. 

Currently, there is no single place to gather information on legislative topics, find issue-based groups in a local area, and connect with others within a community immediately around those issues.  Static third-party information databases provide part of the solution, but vital benefits are lost if constituents have no ability to discuss, organize, track, recall, and elucidate political events on demand.

ClearVoterTM is a civic social network that focuses on building coalitions around specific topics and issues of legislation by connecting people in a voting district and gauging the consensus of public sentiment on particular issues that becomes a user interface network for blockchain-based voting.


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