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The Value of Blockchain in Business

Blockchain technology will create more than $176 billion dollars worth of business value by 2025 and $3.1 trillion by 2030.

Corporate executives say their companies plan to invest in blockchain in the next 12 months.

Companies planning on investing at least $500k toward blockchain technology.

Source: Deloitte


Large-scale enterprises are rapidly entering the blockchain space, and the technology is becoming more accessible.

To remain competitive, small-to-medium sized enterprises need strategies to garner the benefits of these advancements in efficiency-boosting technologies that keep costs low and productivity high.

Capturing Your Blockchain Strategy.

Through our process, we clarify your business use case and application requirements to design a blockchain solution roadmap that makes sense, even with limited IT staff resources and budget.

Blockchain Essentials

Learn blockchain fundamentals and terminology to establish a common understanding of key concepts, tools and functions with your team.

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Blockchain Solutions

Define the best use case for your business using our proprietary blockchain decision matrix to make a clear, strategic plan to maximize investment.

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Blockchain Build

Develop & deploy the best customized solution based on your identified use case featuring proper blockchain architecture —with enterprise scale in mind.

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It’s Time for Transformation.

BlockSpaces is your blockchain guide that can take you from concept to solution, depending on your business goals.

Whether you’re just beginning to explore blockchain use cases or are ready to build a full scale solution, our experts help clarify your vision and deliver a blockchain solution that meets your business needs now while laying the foundation for future success.

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