What is your Blockchain Strategy?

From digitizing physical assets to automating logistics, blockchain continues to unveil new competitive advantages for companies and organizations. A multitude of industries—like financial services, real estate, healthcare, and government—are launching blockchain initiatives, leading the next wave of widespread adoption.

However, before you can invest in this emerging technology, you must first understand what it is, how it works, and how it can apply to your industry to give you a leading edge. That’s where we can help.

It’s Time for Transformation.

BlockSpaces is your blockchain guide. We offer a suite of services that can take you from concept to solution, depending on your business goals. Whether you’re just beginning to explore blockchain use cases, or are ready to build a full scale solution, our experts help clarify your vision and deliver a blockchain solution that meets your business needs now while laying the foundation for future success.


Using a combination of skills, expertise and resources, we develop solutions that meet corporate strategic objectives and challenges for maximum business impact and competitive advantage.


It begins with Discovery.

We clarify your business use case and blockchain roadmap.


This phase includes:

Blockchain Essentials Session

Learn blockchain fundamentals and terminology to establish a common understanding of key concepts, tools and functions with your teams.

Blockchain Ideation Session

Identify potential uses cases for your business and understand the competitive landscape for your industry as it relates to blockchain.

Blockchain Innovation Workshop

Define the best use case for your business using our blockchain investment decision-making matrix to make clear, strategic decisions.

Blockchain Solution Design

Identify the tech stack, architecture and features of your blockchain solution based on your selected use case—with enterprise scale in mind.

We believe every enterprise should have a blockchain partner that can provide a range of solutions that best suit business needs.

Based on the outcome of the Discovery phase, we offer:



When the project plan and roadmap calls for a production ready, more mature solution, we have the product partner network that can provide it.


Using an agile development approach, we’ll iteratively build, test and deliver your blockchain solution based on your unique use case.


For clients who prefer to train or hire in house resources and develop core competencies, we can provide training and staffing solutions.


For most organizations, R&D is your key differentiator. Outsourcing deeply researched tech innovation, can provide a great competitive advantage to companies across the board. In the fast moving world of blockchain, a single-purpose R&D shop will work with greater focus. Before committing internal resources to this highly nascent technology, we encourage our corporate clients to engage with our Startup Innovation Community, and allow BlockSpaces to be an outsourcing partner that can offer more expertise for your product development needs than your internal team might have.



Contact us with your challenges and opportunities and to schedule your Discovery session.