Integration Solutions

    Realizing the value of blockchain requires integration.

    We know integration is one of the key architectural building blocks for any blockchain implementation. Realizing the value of blockchain often requires an integration partner. We offer tailored integration services, led by BlockSpaces and our partners, to deliver on business and IT goals by setting up a scalable business platform.

    Our integration engineers are on hand to handle your integration challenges, from on-boarding and planning to organizational alignment and adopting best practices. Integration success includes tracking progress towards business goals to maximize your integration strategy.
    Areas of Focus

    Areas of Focus:

    • Blockchain to Blockchain
    • Blockchain to Sidechain
    • Blockchain Networks
    • Enterprise Applications
    • Financial Systems
    • Custom/Legacy Applications

    Strategic Advisory and Development

    Blockchain can be difficult to understand, and the speed of innovation in the industry requires focus on continual learning. Our Solutions team can help you make informed decisions on the strategic adoption of blockchain technology. We help to identify proper blockchain use-cases, choose a core protocol, build internal core competencies, and keep your team informed, so they can focus on their core business.

    Through our process, we clarify your business use case and application requirements, evaluate your integration maturity, and can assist in the design of a blockchain solution roadmap that makes sense, even with limited IT staff resources and budget, using a combination of unique skills and expertise—like enterprise application development, agile development and design thinking. BlockSpaces or our partner delivery teams can even build APIs and integrations on your behalf.
    Strategic Advisory and Development

    Node Infrastructure

    With the BlockSpaces Platform, deployment and maintenance of blockchain nodes is fully managed with comprehensive operations management and dedicated blockchain cloud infrastructure.
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