A cloud-based middleware PaaS that simplifies integration of systems and software connecting mid-market companies to enterprise blockchain solutions and networks.

HarmoniaTM enables integration of both private and public blockchains. It allows transactions that require different blockchain protocols to be executed efficiently from a single source. Although there are now hundreds of blockchain networks in operation, they are unable to integrate with each other, and interoperability solutions have primarily been focused on public (permission-less) blockchain networks leaving enterprise-focused, private (permissioned) blockchain integration solutions lacking.

As blockchain technology becomes more pervasive across industries and across business processes, it is becoming more apparent that systems and processes will involve communication and integration with multiple blockchain networks and technologies. The system is designed to serve as an integrated message bus for blockchain-based applications and their underlying blockchain technologies and platforms while, client-side, hiding the technical complexities associated with integrating the various blockchain networks.

This modern digital solution provides secure data transfer which ensures this system can be used for future applications. We recommend this for a number of reasons:

  • Access — Suppliers have more to their own data.
  • Transparency — Every entity is visible to every other entity.
  • Interoperability — Identities can be used by anyone on the network.
  • Consent — Agreement on using their own identity.
  • Existence — Provide user an independent existence.
  • Longevity — Exists as long as user wishes.
  • Portability — Transportable Identifiers.
  • Minimization — Disclosure of claims are minimized.
  • Protection — The rights of user’s are protected.

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