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Home (old)

What We Are About


A friendly place to learn what you need to know about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.


Connect with like minded people who are deeply involved and passionate about this exciting new technology.


Our cowork space is the perfect place for your startup.
We connect you with industry leaders to help your project launch a success!





We’ve got you covered!

Blockchain technology has taken the world by storm lately, but all the hype isn’t completely without merit. The cryptocurrency market has skyrocketed over the past few years turning heads of central banks and governments across the world.

The possibilities of this emerging technology is enormous, from digital currencies to more secure voting systems, it’s exciting to see all the different applications this technology is changing.

Our goal is to help increase the adoption of this technology on the ground level. Through our network and community support, we’ve built a space for everyone wanting to discover more can join the action and learn from leading experts in the blockchain ecosystem.

BlockSpaces is the only brick-and-mortar location in the southeastern United States where you can walk in and learn more about blockchain technology in a friendly, approachable environment. We encourage you to come learn more about what this means for the future of finance, commerce, data storage, and much more.


Work together in a friendly space, with like-minded people.


Need a Blockchain expert? We're here to help. Connect with the areas top experts in the newly emerging and quickly evolving blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.


Where we take a deeper dive into certain aspects of this industry and help you navigate through it.


Day-long crash courses to get you caught up to speed on what a Blockchain is, how it works and how they'll affect the future.


Gain knowledge and the skills to work in the Blockchain ecosystem.


We help get blockchain startups launched by providing key information, resources & connections.


Get the right support behind your next blockchain project. We have a pool of developers trained in blockchain technology to make your vision a reality.


Our greatest asset is our community. Join us and be apart of the most exciting new frontier in the digital age.



Connect with us