Professional Credentials Exchange, BlockSpaces raise capital

    Two local technology companies that tap blockchain technology have fresh capital after completing seed funding rounds.
    Professional Credentials Exchange, a Tampa company with a digital marketplace for healthcare organizations, raised $3.5 million, while BlockSpaces, a blockchain technology development studio in Tampa, raised $100,000.
    Both companies focus on blockchain technology, also known as distributed ledger technology, a digital information storage system that is best known as the technology behind cryptocurrencies, but with a variety of other uses.
    For BlockSpaces, which is based at Embarc Collective in downtown Tampa, the just-completed angel/seed round was a milestone. Other than a small bridge loan, it’s the first outside capital for the company.
    The funding came from a local investor, John Rasmussen, said Rosa Shores, BlockSpaces co-founder.
    “BlockSpaces will be using these funds to develop a B2B Blockchain-As-A-Service (BaaS) platform designed for mid-market enterprises,” Shores told the St. Pete Catalyst.
    The company now is in the process of a larger $750,000 seed round, and also is converting from a limited liability company to a Delaware C Corporation.

    The investors want to simplify the work involved in healthcare practitioner credentialing, and reduce the time and effort involved to initially onboard and retain healthcare practitioners.
    ProCredEx has developed a digital marketplace leveraging distributed ledger, advanced data science and machine learning technologies to provide a solution for credentialing organizations to readily share, exchange and monetize their credential verification data within a secure, private and reliable community, the news release said.
    ProCredEx was formed two years ago as a joint venture between Hashed Health and Tenon Consulting Solutions. The firm is launching a statewide pilot initially across the Michigan healthcare market, and has several additional regional markets it plans to open later in the year.

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