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21 Industry leaders from 5 continents join Indicio Network consortium to drive global adoption of decentralized identity

21 Industry leaders from 5 continents join Indicio Network consortium to drive global adoption of decentralized identity

SEATTLE, July 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --, a public benefit corporation, today announced the twenty-one companies backing its global network for blockchain-based decentralized identity.

With each company hosting a copy of Indicio's public ledger, the Indicio Network enables companies and organizations around the world to provide privacy-preserving ways of proving identity and authenticity to people, businesses, and even the Internet of Things.

"Decentralized identity is the foundation for a revolution in digital services," said Indicio's CEO, Heather Dahl, "and we're proud to see so many leaders in digital innovation run nodes on the network. They make the Indicio Network the premier community for developing the future of identity."

"We're thrilled to be a founding Node Operator on the Indicio Network," said Greg Kidd, co-founder and CEO of GlobaliD. "Indicio's enterprise grade network is a core part of GlobaliD's vision for giving individuals ownership of their digital identity in a privacy-preserving way. With verifiable credentials, which are reusable and user-controlled, users and groups can carry their trusted credentials wherever they go."

"Our customers require an enterprise-grade network to enable Zero Trust identity and passwordless authentication," said Mike Vesey, CEO of IdRamp, also a founding Node Operator. "Indicio's dedicated service and support provides the reliability and performance expected for production-ready decentralized services. This dynamic community of experts is helping transform the future of digital trust for business."

The Indicio Network is composed of three networks, a MainNet, for deploying products and services, a TestNet for development, and a DemoNet for pilot and product demonstration—all three networks host the latest monitoring and service tools.

"Together, we're working to build a better digital world," said RJ Reiser, Chief Business Development Officer, Liquid Avatar Technologies. "Indicio Node Operators are creating a transformational change in digital identity, one that empowers users to manage, control, and even benefit from their digital identity and online data."

Indicio Node Operators are spread over five continents:

GlobaliD, USA; Uphold, Portugal; ID Ramp, USA; Cynjatech, USA; Finclusive, USA; Xertify, Colombia; Snowbridge Inc., Taiwan; Entrustient, USA; Bot Ventures, Inc., Canada; BlockSpaces, USA; Blockster Labs, Anonyome Labs, Australia;, Romania; Liquid Avatar Technologies, Canada; Snapper Future Tech, India; Lorica Identity, USA; BizSecure, USA; Networks Synergy, Kazakhstan; Absolutely Zero Cyber, USA; Cysecure, USA; VERSES Labs, USA

Great companies interested in becoming an Indicio Network Node Operator can apply here.

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