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Democratizing Fine Art Ownership with Blockchain

Delivering a blockchain-based prototype to make art more accessible.

BlockSpace’s shared client—which offers a platform that allows users to buy and sell fine art with digital tokens—needed help implementing its blockchain solution to make art ownership more accessible to the public.


Government Issued Distributed Identification with Blockchain

Delivering a blockchain-based digitized ID for citizen convenience and process efficiency.

BlockSpaces was engaged to deliver a solution to enable the ability to issue a blockchain-based Distributed ID (DID) as part of the program allowing county residents to ultimately digitally store and control multiple types of official permits, licenses and tax receipts through a convenient digital ID “wallet”.


Privacy preserving Verified Health Credentials on a blockchain

Delivering an HR solution to help employers track health clearances with ease.

BlockSpaces provided advisory and technical architecture services to design a prototype B2B solution meant to interface with a proposed B2C user application layer. The solution was designed to bring trust, personal control, privacy, and ease-of-use for the issuance of health clearance credentials to employees, while providing liability protection, consistency and efficiency to HR processes for businesses in order to allow workers to return to work quickly and safely after medical leave.