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Blockchain goes mainstream at Synapse

One thing that the co-founders of Tampa incubator BlockSpaces want you to know is that blockchain — a digital information storage system — is a lot more than the technology behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Meet the team behind this blockchain startup in Tampa

BlockSpaces is an organization that aims to educate individuals, startups and enterprises on blockchain technology.

Bitcoin and Future of Finance Talk Brings Large Crowd to USFSP

Lynn Pippenger Hall auditorium was packed to capacity on March 1, for a hot topic community discussion called Bitcoin, Blockchain and the Future of Finance.

Local entrepreneurs explain the tech behind bitcoin

You’ve probably heard of Bitcoin right now, but it’s less likely you’ve heard of blockchain, the technology that makes it work.

BBN Spotlight: Rosa Shores and her Team’s New Venture BlockSpaces

Rosa Shores, Founder of ClearVoter, and Tina Hui enjoyed a great discussion (Watch it here too:…) on her new blockchain co-work space BlockSpaces in St. Petersburg, Florida as well as discussing Bitcoin, then and now.

Henry Raines Show 12/23/17

Rosa and Gabe fill us in on the latest developments as people and enterprises look to Blockspaces to jump start their Blockchain technology development.

I went through the pains of using Bitcoin so you don’t have to

Believers say the struggles of today are worth the revolution that Bitcoin is paving for tomorrow.

Community Members Speak

Bitcoin & Taxes

After the recent ruling in the case with Coinbase, Bitcoin Tax has been a hot topic, and I wanted to try my hand at navigating it.

Op Ed: Lessons From a Cryptocurrency Hack (A Public Service Announcement)

Cryptocurrency-related cyber attacks are on the rise. As cryptocurrency continues to explode in value and public awareness, we can only expect this trend to continue. I was recently the target of such an attack.

Clearvoter Founder, Rosa Shores Discusses Blockchain Technology For Politics

This week, CoinJournal had the opportunity to interview Rosa Shores, Founder and CEO of a new project Clearvoter. As election season in the United States is in full swing and individuals around the globe are tuning in, we met with Rosa to learn more about her project which emphasizes local political involvement to spark national and international change.