BlockSpaces Partners with Junior Achievement for Youth Blockchain Workshops

TAMPA, Fla., November 16, 2019 –BlockSpaces, a blockchain technology innovation center located in Tampa, FL, announced today they have partnered with Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay to help educate junior high and high school youth about opportunities in emerging tech. The partnership will launch with a Blockchain for Teens workshop being held at the fintech/payments focused event on February 20, 2020. The event is being organized by BlockSpaces and will be one of the first main events held at the new Embarc Collective in downtown Tampa.

Simply defined, blockchain is a digital, public ledger that can permanently record payment processing and transactions between networks of participating parties. It’s primarily being used now by the financial industry; however, it offers application across a variety of businesses. 

Blockchain is heralded as the next big, transformative technology that will change how businesses operate now and over the next several decades. It’s predicted that blockchain technology will have a significant worldwide economic and social impact, just as the internet did when it was introduced in the 1990s, and creates massive opportunity for new kinds of jobs and career paths.

“I recently read that 85% of the top jobs in 2030, do not even exist today. We think blockchain will play a big role in that job creation ,” says Rosa Shores, co-founder and CEO of BlockSpaces. “There are currently 14 job openings for every 1 blockchain developer and we see nearly every major company across multiple industries interested in hiring blockchain talent in some form. These are incredibly high paying jobs and we want to inspire the youth of Tampa Bay to pursue this exciting field of study.  We also know that blockchain spurs the imagination of so many, and we hope to ignite a new generation of entrepreneurs to change the world in ways that maybe we can’t even conceive of today” 


Shores  is also the Vice President of the Florida Blockchain Business Association which was recently instrumental in helping to pass Senate Bill 1024 that established the Florida Blockchain Task Force within the Florida Department of Financial Services. Shores recently presented to the Task Force in Tallahassee which has a stated purpose to explore and develop a master plan for fostering the expansion of the blockchain industry in the state, to recommend policies and state investments to help make Florida a leader in blockchain technology, and to issue a report to the Governor and the Legislature. 

The February event is being organized to further put Florida and Tampa Bay in the spotlight for financial technology companies. In that regard, Florida Governor DeSantis and CFO Jimmy Patronis recently announced they plan to pursue legislation to create a regulatory sandbox for FinTech companies in Florida. A “regulatory sandbox” creates an environment where companies that disrupt the status quo are provided regulatory flexibility to operate and provide new types of products and services.

“Florida has such a fantastic opportunity to establish itself as a leader in innovation and career success which  will in turn attract top talent, entrepreneurs, startups and investors across a broad spectrum of industries as blockchain technology emerges and accelerates over the next decade,” says Ms. Shores. “We want our talent to stay here instead of leaving the state for high paying jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities. That starts with a diverse talent pool both current and future. We hope to send a clear message to the youth of Tampa Bay that they have  support here with the most cutting edge tech there is right now: blockchain.”

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