Game Changing Start Ups and Products

We believe blockchain has the power to change the world.
Our Start Ups and Product Partners do too.
We give them the specialized resources, expertise, support services, and most importantly, the time they need to make that happen.

Meet our Member Start Ups


Pocket Network

Pocket is building a decentralized network of full blockchain nodes that developers can seamlessly access. Soon any DApp platform will be accessible to any application via Pocket. Pocket provides a trustless API Layer, allowing easy access to any blockchain. Our team believes in the vision and practical benefits of fully decentralized infrastructure, and is developing a relay network and tools to connect to the blockchain of your choice.

Real Random

Real Random’s mission is to enhance new and existing cryptosystems. Our 2FA application uses a “TOTP” or Temporary One Time Passcode to offer crypto wallet publisher’s and exhcange’s a secure method of providing customers a second factor for account access. Our password generation and management software is available for self-hosting as a containerized application and supported by our “EaaS” or Entropy as a Service for a constant and reliable stream of truly random bits.


Research Blocks

Research Blocks is a software startup focused on creating transparency and credibility in various health-related industries. We have developed and are implementing a patent-pending duel ledger system to track and timestamp the manufacturing process and openly share that process with consumers. This will verify the quality of products in the market and give those products labeled with the Research Blocks’ quality mark a competitive advantage. Our current focus is on the dietary supplement, CBD, and food industries.

Real Trade

A revolutionary real estate platform leveraging blockchain technology that looks to not only disrupt the over $200 trillion dollar global real estate market, but also create a trusted global real estate community and database. Real Trade exists to bring transparency, competition, and fair market to the mortgage and real estate industries.


EzLawyer is the cure for contract headaches; a better way of doing contracts at every step. Blockchain secured Self-Managing Smart Legal Contracts – for powerful productivity + peace of mind. Proactive artificial intelligence assists in contract optimization. Includes collaborative consensus tools for faster, smoother negotiations.


The $140B video games industry, larger than the film and music industries COMBINED, is projected to grow another $40B by 2021. Because game discovery is broken, while more than 90% of all video games are created by independent game developers, indie games only make up 2% of the revenue. ProjectMQ solves that problem, with a multimedia search engine, for the world’s BEST indie games.


Verapy is a physical and occupational therapy platform that turns standard exercises into fun and immersive virtual reality games. Verapy platform is a game-changer in creating full flexibility of the rehabilitation process for the therapist. Our software ensures full engagement and transparency between patients and therapist throughout the entire cycle of the therapy.