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Providing Secure Blockchain Infrastructure Solutions

Providing Secure Blockchain Infrastructure Solutions

BlockSpaces is committed to simplifying blockchain integration. One of the most critical elements within a blockchain integration is reliable infrastructure.

Secure blockchain infrastructure is the foundational layer on top of which all data is gathered, transferred, and stored. Whether it’s multi-cloud, public blockchain, or private distributed ledger, BlockSpaces Solutions offers fully-managed services that are designed to provide peace of mind.

We’re currently witnessing unprecedented growth in use-cases, blockchain networks, and cryptocurrency adoption. People from around the world are becoming more and more comfortable with using web 3 applications in their daily lives. From an organizational perspective, the opportunity to participate in the emerging web 3 ecosystem is stronger than ever.

Start-ups, corporations, and institutions alike are deploying compelling projects that are transforming existing products and services into blockchain-enabled offerings. These new, enormous pools of flowing data possess incredible value for those who can untap the potential.

While powerful, on-chain data is also immutable. This means that transactions and data transfers have finality. Given the significantly tighter margins for error that come with managing blockchain data, compared to traditional solutions, it is absolutely essential to have unwavering trust in your blockchain infrastructure. 

Connecting and maintaining a reliable blockchain solution has been a lingering barrier for many organizations who understand why blockchain represents an amazing frontier, but may still hesitate when approaching how to successfully make blockchain integration happen today.

Onboard with confidence, operate with efficiency 
The great news is that it doesn’t require being a seasoned blockchain expert to harness the significant power of web 3, it just takes strong partnerships with capable providers. 

BlockSpaces Solutions provides robust blockchain infrastructure for clients, intended to alleviate all of the burden associated with manual maintenance.

BlockSpaces currently offers fully-managed infrastructure solutions for Ethereum, Chainlink, and Pocket Network. Entering the month of May, BlockSpaces’ outreach has expanded incredibly, exceeding 1,000 unique nodes in a short period of time. Along with maintaining a stable and secure hosting environment, BlockSpaces has engineered automated processes to guarantee scalability. The future looks bright for potential platform integrations, including the capacity to service larger operations along with a diverse list of blockchain networks.

Built to meet software industry standards for pressing blockchain integration needs, BlockSpaces takes a principled approach, rooted in years of expertise when deploying and maintaining blockchain solutions:
  • Trust: Reputation means everything in the emerging blockchain space. BlockSpaces has a proven track record as a trusted courier of blockchain services and integration. Communication is up front, and service plans are accurately outlined to best-fit client's expectations and long term goals.
  • Delivery: New orders are automatically-provisioned, with a quick turnaround for getting infrastructure up and running. Working with BlockSpaces takes the hassle of manual configuration right off of the end user’s plate.
  • Performance: Infrastructure is fully-managed, runs at 99.9% uptime, and consistently performs at the highest level on any given blockchain network. Clients rely on their infrastructure to operate efficiently from the first day of service, onward.
  • Premier Service: BlockSpaces delivers world class technical upside for clients operating on a busy schedule. Support staff provides in-depth status reports, shares blockchain knowledge, and responds promptly to customer requests. All with premier service in mind.
BlockSpaces is honored for the opportunity to coordinate blockchain solutions that are supported by secure, cloud-hosted infrastructure. Our mission is to obfuscate the technical burdens involved with blockchain integration, to facilitate more useful adoption by organizations on a global scale.