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BlockSpaces knows that every customer is different and has unique needs. That's why BlockSpaces®Connect™, our integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS), is designed with end-to-end integration levels, so every company can accomplish their blockchain initiatives. Contact us for pricing and to discuss which one is right for you.

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Businesses want to innovate but are faced with barriers.

The world's largest enterprises are leading the way with blockchain:

But the mid-market companies that are so critical to enterprise business ecosystems, are often lagging behind the innovation adoption curve because they lack the resources it takes to quickly adopt cutting edge technologies.

Mid-Market Blockchain Landscape

Our Full Service Integration Process.

Businesses want to innovate but are faced with barriers.
Strategic Assessment
Strategy Assessment

We'll assess your goals and evaluate blockchain's applicability and business impact to help you define and prioritize your transformation.
Build & Implementation
Build & Implementation

Complex implementation management, third-party integration and custom coding assures each solution fits within existing systems to meet future demand.
Rapid Prototyping
Rapid Prototyping

Technology workshops and training educate your team while working side-by-side with experts in rapid blockchain development environments.
Deploy Solution
Deploy Solution

Proprietary software add-ons, such as redaction, key management and hardware security modules, give you greater control and customization.
Solution Design
Solution Design

Holistic solution design encompasses people, process, operating model and technology to maximize your transformation across your business.
Ecosystem Management
Ecosystem Management

Stay focused on the bigger picture while we handle the operation of your new blockchain networks and ecosystems using our proven functional expertise.
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As our world is quickly shifting to a culture that is characterized by transparency, accountability and resiliency; blockchain technology is fundamentally changing how digital value is transmitted and stored, with trust built-in inherently at all levels.

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BlockSpaces is dedicated to accelerating enterprise blockchain adoption. Combining advisory, technical functionality, and industry focused support with our core platform, BlockSpaces Connect™, we provide business value to an ecosystem of client innovators.

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