We developed a secure quality improvement data collection tracking system, built upon a novel blockchain and artificial intelligence stack.  It addresses the information silos that can contribute to sub-optimal patient care. The system, sharable among multiple healthcare providers in real time and accessible to interdisciplinary healthcare teams, will help improve patient care and outcomes.


Patient related outcome measures (PROMs) and improvements depend on the system's ability to share data across clinicians, labs, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and other staff, departments, and settings. Communication among patient’s healthcare teams is often disjointed and vital connections and collaborations amongst clinicians and data producers are lost under the burden of disenfranchised, siloed, manual, chart-abstracted data collection. Improving care transitions through integrated care and seamlessly exchanging data through interoperability are essential ingredients for better outcomes measurement.

Furthermore, traditional data collection mechanisms not only pose a security risk for sensitive medical outcomes data, they offer no assurance of data integrity. In many cases, clinical data is captured on various systems, even within an organization, that are often not well integrated with one another. Problems within IT can disrupt the delivery of care and increase the likelihood of new, often unforeseen, errors that affect the safety and quality of clinical care and outcomes.