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Introducing BlockSpaces Connect a no-code platform built for the specific challenges of blockchain integration. Our workflow automation platform utilizes a library of pre-built integrations to connect everyday business applications with multiple blockchain networks to provide data visibility and efficiencies beyond individual, disparate systems and information silos.

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Our world is changing faster than ever. Today, we cannot imagine life without technologies that did not even exist a decade or two ago.  Blockchain is at the heart of the shift to Web 3.0 that includes artificial intelligence, IoT interconnected devices, and a smarter, more interactive, internet.

BlockSpaces Connect lives beneath the application layer of the the blockchain technology stack and hides the complexities associated with integration into these complex networks.
Blockchain Technology Stack

The Network is the Key.

A successful business network, just like a blockchain network, has multiple touch points with a range of suppliers, vendors, products and partners.

Blockchain networks are designed to provide a single source of information for various value chains and business processes. They don’t replace existing business applications, they augment them and provide a mechanism to deliver transparency to all participants.

These networks rely on information from your business systems and your business systems rely on information in the blockchain. This sharing of information often requires custom development and complex integrations.
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