IBM’s, Chris Tyler, Returns to BlockSpaces to Build Cognitive IoT Solution in 7 Steps

Chris Tyler, IBM Embedded Solution Analyst and emerging technology evangelist, returns to BlockSpaces on September 26, for a workshop that will have attendees building a cognitive IoT solution in seven simple steps. Attendees will use the IBM Cloud, the IBM Watson IoT platform, and IBM Watson Studio to build their application.

What is Cognitive IoT?

Internet of Things (IoT) relies of the ability to gather data from sensors embedded within a variety of IoT devices including close-circuit cameras, vehicles, smart homes, smart appliances, smartphones, smart TVs, fitness trackers, health monitoring systems, smart watches, vending machines, smart meters, city traffic, building security systems and much more. Think of IoT as a network of devices which gathers raw and real-time data, analyzes them, and provides desired outputs that benefit the users.

But what do you do with the analyzed data?  IoT alone has limited benefit as the gathered data has to be acted upon in a successful and organized manner to reap the full benefits. IoT, at it’s best, needs to be intelligent. This is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be utilized and the convergence of Cognitive AI and IoT make the interaction between you and “things” more human. For example, in an elevator you might hear the latest news based on your social media psychological profile. Or, you might hear some relaxing music if it detects that you look stressed.  Therefore, cognitive IoT and artificial intelligence (AI) are nothing more than advanced machine learning. It is often said that Cognitive IoT is where “Digital Meets Physical”.  

The workshop will Free to BlockSpaces Members and $10 for non-members.  The workshop will be recorded and available for viewing for BlockSpaces Members. You can get information on becoming a BlockSpaces member here. RSVP and purchase tickets here.



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