Connecting People

and Blockchains

BlockSpaces is a blockchain technology education, cowork and development center.

It is our mission to provide an amazing space for innovation in the world’s most exciting and fast-moving industry. We are a collaborative space for blockchain technology educators, innovators, and startups.

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Explore Coworking and Collaboration Opportunities

Innovation moves fast. And in a space surrounded with like-minded people, it moves faster. We provide coworking and collaborative space options for those who wish to contribute to this rapidly-evolving industry.

Our Commitment to You

Safe, Reliable Information

We are here to educate both our members and the community with credible outreach. In an ecosystem growing this quickly, it's important for people to connect with a source of information, education, and networking they can trust.

Foster the People

BlockSpaces is built from the ground up to serve the community and its members. We actively cultivate an environment of community support, where members help, inspire, and educate eachother.

Political Neutrality

The crypto landscape is filled with people from every walk of life, with diverse opinions and backgrounds. We understand and respect these differences and maintain an objective, neutral space.

What can we Build?

Innovation needs an enviroment designed for creative minds to work together. Collaboration is key to driving innovation, and we believe in the power of a flexible enviroment which makes all of this possible.

We are Coin-Agnostic

We don't have a favorite, and we don't solicit unreliable investment advice. We take steps to protect our community from all hype, FOMO, and FUD. We are here for the Fintech revolution, not to ``get rich quick`` off of the newest alt-coin.

We're All Startups Here

It's been said that ``In cryptocurrency, everything is a startup``. This is a new and rapidly evolving industry, and our success is built on driving the success of the community. We're all in this together.

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Address:4465 W Gandy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33611, USA

Phone: 813-500-8585