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Setting 2020 ablaze: Meet Tampa Bay's Inno on Fire honorees

Setting 2020 ablaze: Meet Tampa Bay's Inno on Fire honorees

It's fair to say 2020 did not go as expected for most. News of startups shuttering, co-founders leaving and funding drying up began to rack up in March and April. But, so did stories of triumph.
Each year, Tampa Bay Inno honors 50 companies and individuals that are setting the ecosystem on "fire" with major growth. Despite the unprecedented year, these stories weren't hard to find.
Sales exploded for some companies, as customers finally realized the need for innovative technology. Others were able to continue to raise capital to new levels. And the Tampa Bay community stepped up to help those in need, whether it was because of the novel coronavirus pandemic or to address the issue of racial equity in the community.
These 50 honorees will be honored at our Inno on Fire event Nov. 16 (taking place virtually, of course). One honoree from each of the 10 categories will be chosen by a panel of judges as a standout that has truly set the community ablaze in the last year and earn the aptly-named "Blazer" title. Don't miss the fun and register here.
And now, here are your Inno on Fire honorees.

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